Collegium Antropologicum
Founded on the occasion of the 1st Congress of European Anthropologists held in Zagreb Croatia in 1977
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International Journal Collegium Antropologicum is official journal of Croatian Antropological Society and is jointly published by:
  • Croatian Anthropological Society
  • Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb
  • Croatian Association of Medical Anthropology
  • Commission on Medical Anthropology and Epidemiology of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

Editors-in-chief: Pavao Rudan and Anita Sujoldžić
With the numerous international recognition of co-operative experts, the Journal represents a relevant reference source in the fields of cultural and biological anthropology, sociology, ethnology, psychology, demography, history, archaeology, genetics, biomedicine, human ecology, nutrition and other fields related to multidisciplinary character of anthropology.